Fast & Furious 7
Poster for Fast & Furious 7
Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for the death of his brother.
Contains moderate violence, moderate bad language.
Sun 19th Apr14.3019.30
Mon 20th Apr19.30
Tue 21st Apr14.3019.30
Wed 22nd Apr14.3019.30
Thu 23rd Apr19.30
Feature Running Time: 137 mins
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron
When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and it is up to the Avengers to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans.
Contains moderate fantasy violence, threat, occasional bloody moments.
Thu 23rd Apr14.3019.30
Feature Running Time: 141 mins
The Water Diviner
Poster for The Water Diviner
An Australian man travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons.
Contains bloody injury detail.
Sun 19th Apr19.30
Mon 20th Apr19.30
Tue 21st Apr14.3019.30
Wed 22nd Apr14.3019.30
Thu 23rd Apr14.30
Feature Running Time: 111 mins
Poster for Cinderella
When her father unexpectedly passes away, young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her daughters. Never one to give up hope, Ella's fortunes begin to change after meeting a dashing stranger.
Contains very mild scenes of emotional upset.
Sun 19th Apr14.30
Feature Running Time: 105 mins
Poster for Home
When Oh, a loveable misfit from another planet, lands on Earth and finds himself on the run from his own people, he forms an unlikely friendship with an adventurous girl named Tip who is on a quest of her own.
Contains mild threat and slapstick.
Sun 19th Apr12.30
Feature Running Time: 94 mins
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
Poster for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
When a diabolical pirate above the sea steals the secret Krabby Patty formula, SpongeBob and his nemesis Plankton must team up in order to get it back.
Contains mild slapstick violence, toilet humour.
Sun 19th Apr12.30
Feature Running Time: 93 mins
Big Hero 6
Poster for Big Hero 6
The special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.
Contains mild threat and scary scenes.
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Sun 19th Apr10.30
Feature Running Time: 102 mins
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Poster for Shaun the Sheep Movie
When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for.
Contains mild slapstick, threat and rude humour.
Pocket Money Matinee • All Tickets £2.50
Sun 19th Apr10.30
Feature Running Time: 85 mins
The Imitation Game
Poster for The Imitation Game
The brilliant mathematician Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) leads a team of code-breakers in a race to decrypt German transmissions during the darkest days of World War II.
Contains moderate sex references.
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Thu 23rd Apr11.00
Feature Running Time: 114 mins
My Old Lady
Poster for My Old Lady
A New Yorker discovers that the vast Paris apartment he inherited from his estranged father is already occupied by a refined retiree and her protective daughter.
Contains suicide references and moderate sex references.
Thu 23rd Apr11.00
Thu 30th Apr11.00
Feature Running Time: 107 mins